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5 Must Have Enamel Pins for Vegans


5 Must Have Enamel Pins for Vegans

Guest Post featuring Tina from Vegan Nonuts

Sometimes I like to have a little vegan swag to help me spread the message of compassion. One way to do that is through...pins!
Here are my top 5 vegan pins to show off your veggie love.

1) Pretty Candy Pin Company - Nooch Pin

Every vegan knows that nutritional yeast is the ultimate condiment. This stuff goes on everything! And with good reason, nutritional yeast is packed with vital B-complex vitamins and is often fortified with B12, a vitamin that is not present in modern plant foods. What better way to show off my love of nooch than with this great little pin?

2) Borts Pins - Vegan “Off the Meat” Pin

This smart reworking of a popular brand logo pulled me in. I instantly recognized the image as the Vans logo and a clever change of the “off the wall” wording to “off the meat” hooked me. As a vegan who skates, I had to have it. It’s the perfect subtle way to support veganism and vegans who skate.

3) I Heart Avocado - Plant Eater Pin

I love this pin because it’s a great reminder that you don’t need meat to be big and strong! Many dinosaurs followed herbivorous diets. The long-necked Diplodocus was one of the more popular herbivores. If dinosaurs did it, why not humans? Show your dino knowledge with this pin.

4) Herbivore Clothing - Animal Rights, Social Justice, Vegan Pizza Pin

Everyone knows that vegan pizza is a core component of veganism! Okay, maybe not, but animal rights and social justice sure are. I love how lighthearted this pin is. Sometimes vegans can get a little heavy with all the philosophical arguments for veganism. This pin is a good reminder that it’s okay to have a little fun and not take everything so seriously. Grab a slice of vegan pizza...and this pin!

5) Vegan Power - Avocado Toast Pin

Name one person who doesn’t love avocado toast. Sure, this pin may be a bit basic, but you can’t escape the facts. Avocado toast is bomb and we should all celebrate that everyday! Avocados, or ‘nature’s butter,’ are high in monounsaturated fat, potassium, and fiber. So, I’ll gladly rep a little vegan avo toast with this pin.

Check out Tina's website, Vegan Nonuts, for some great vegan recipes and tips for a healthier lifestyle!

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