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Why Your Business Needs Pins

Why Your Business Needs Pins

Why does my business need pins?

How can my business benefit from pins? How can pins make me money? What’s the hype all about? These may be questions you ask yourself with the recent boom in making custom enamel pins. 

You’re not alone. Many other small business owners are asking the same questions. We’re here to give you the lowdown and insight on pins for your business.

Making custom pins can help your business (big or small) in a numerous amount of ways including branding, customer loyalty, and making some extra cash! Allow us to explain.


Enamel pins can help with branding efforts in ways that are fresh and exciting! Traditional items like hats and shirts are cool, but they don’t necessarily appeal to everyone. Plus it’s not an everyday wear. Pins are however - one size fits all. They can be put on any hat, shirt, jacket or bag.

Think of them as a unique piece of wearable art. They standout and help strike up conversations with random people. 

True story - someone stopped me in the subway just to ask about me about the bandana pin I was wearing!

Pins have become so popular that there is a pin for literally anything. This means there’s a very good chance your followers and fans will love what you put out.


Enamel pins can help turn repeat customers into very loyal and happy customers. Think about it - a customer who keeps coming back for more means you have a great product or service. If you give them a free and unique piece of wearable art, such as an enamel pin, they’ll not only be more likely to make more purchases but also more likely to recommend your products or services to their friends & family.


If your business is looking for new ways to make some extra cash, getting some custom enamel pins can help! 

Without getting into the nitty gritty details (which can be found here) pins are a low cost item to have manufactured. It won't cost an arm and leg.

You can think about profit in 2 ways.

#1 - Enamel pins can have a high return in profit if you decide to sell them. The retail value of an enamel pin ranges from $10-15 per pin.

#2 - if you don’t plan on selling pins, then think of profit in terms of brand equity. If you give your pins out to loyal customers, they’ll turn into brand advocates and do more to spread your brand. Plus these same customers might be likely to take a picture and share it online - which gives you UGC... and that’s social currency!

Either way you look at it, making enamel pins for your business a smart investment! You can't go wrong, especially if you play the long term game.

If you made it this far and are still interested in making pins, read this page here and fill out the form below!

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