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Pin Review | Dave in Australia

Pin Review | Dave in Australia

We wanted to take a couple minutes to share a wonderful message we received from a customer in Australia! That's a long way from New Jersey...

Dave ordered a couple Team Mystic pins and the weekend he placed his order, we were giving away a set of Pokemon Go pins with every order. We think it goes without saying but Dave was in for some awesome #pinmail !!

Read his message below! Thanks again Dave!! 👍👍👍

Hey Warrior Pins,

I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful package Erick had sent me. I only purchased 2x Pokemon Go Team Mystic pins, and it arrived with those, plus the entire PoGo team pins set! This is worth more than the total of my actual order! Very generous of you. But to boot, was the lovely handwritten thank you message. This is unbelievable personal in this age of internet ordering and you should be commended for your ethic.

It was always my intention to use my team pin to rep my allegiance to other trainers when out on the trail, these are perfect. If i run into some other friendly opponent Team Instinct or Team Valor members while together in a raid or what have you. I will be sure to pass onto them a flag of their own to spread the good word, one of your pins.

I sincerely wish you all guys all the best for your business' future.
Dave in Australia

Pokemon Go Enamel Pins Team Mystic Valor Instinct Warrior Pins
Pokemon Go Enamel Pins Team Mystic Valor Instinct Warrior Pins

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