Soft Enamel Pin

• By Far The Most Popular Option For Pin Makers

• In a Penny Pinch? Soft Enamel Pins Will Be Your Most Affordable Option

• Raised Metal Edges Give Your Pin Texture and Depth

Hard Enamel Pin

• A Slightly More Expensive Pin Option

• Hard Enamel Pins Produce Vivid Colors

• A Smooth Surface Makes for a Polished Look

• Sleek Appearance Alludes to a Luxurious Feel

Artwork > Proof > Pin

Here's a example of the different stages your pin design will go through. Once you have completed your artwork, you will submit it to Warrior Pins for a quote. At this time, you will also receive artwork proof. This is an important step. Double check your design looks great and the pantone colors match your desired colors. Once that has been approved, it's just a waiting game until your pins arrive!