Why Your Business Needs Enamel Pins

If you're a business owner, then your constantly trying to find ways to connect with your customers. Warrior Pins is here to tell you that enamel pins are the perfect way to engage with your customers, spread brand awareness and make memories that last a lifetime.

Brand Awareness

What better way to spread brand awareness than to have people wear your pins! Think about it. Your customers might put your pin on their jacket then post a photo to Instagram. They tag you. You repost an awesome piece of User Generated Content (UGC) and just like that, you're brand is reaching a whole new audience!

Low Cost & High Profits

Enamel pins are an affordable way to make some cash. The price of a 100 1" pins can range between $150 - $250. Retail cost of pins range from $8-$15 per pin. With a good marketing strategy (and maybe some UGC) you could easily be profiting quickly.

Perfect Keepsake

If you want your brand to stand out and be memorable, creating enamel pins are the way to go. In today's digital driven age, everything is intangible. The joy that comes from receiving a unique physical gift is irreplaceable and incredibly personal. You'll be creating lifelong memories for you and your customers with enamel pins!

If you made it this far, you're probably still considering getting pins. Let Warrior Pins guide you through the process of creating enamel pins.

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